BigZhetto Published Applications :

MetroMusic - Your Favorite Music You Haven't Heard Yet! The application searches through the newest music on the web, and makes you up to date! This application is all about hottest hits! Listen to...
VG - Orginal! Se de siste nyhets-, sports-, og underholdningsnyhetene fra VG- Norges største avis! Hold deg oppdatert med nytt innhold. Se værmeldinger, og bli underholdt av VG-TV.
Zhetto is a provider of free e-books. Read thousands of original books and enjoy! We have a vast section of books, everything from Mystery, Romance, Adventure to Children books.
Social Pro makes it possible for you to view Facebook, Twitter & Instagram on ONE page! Get a nice overview of news feed, tweets, chat and pictures!
DailyGaming - Keep track of the latest news within Gaming! The Application lets you watch videoes published from BF3, CoD, WoW, LoL, Minecraft, Machinima and many more! Learn tactics from watching...
EpicFail-Compilation brings you the best of Epic Fails. Watch the newest videos and have a laugh! Weekly updates! The application uses Internet for playing videos and requires Adobe Flash Player.
Wikipedia for desktop
Watch Swifty, World of Warcrafts biggest hero! The sofware uploads his newest videos and makes it easy for you to be up to date. The application requires internet and Adobe Flash Player for playing...
Gather all your favorite websites together with easy navigation! Post on Facebook, view videos on YouTube, search in Wikipedia, go shopping on eBay! And so much more! The websites will...
SoccerNews gives you the latest news within soccer. Watch videos in HQ and be entertained! This application uses Adobe Flash Player for playing videos.
LinkedIn for desktop.
LinkedIn is a social networking website for people in professional occupations.

Requires user account
IMDb, movie database.
Searsh for movies!
Now in desktop mode
F.I.T.Y combines Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube into one app!

Requires user account for Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.