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  • Like a really large version of the mobile site
    No offense, but it's not really that good. Metro style this and it may turn out better.
    Brandon McGowan about 8 years ago
  • pretty good but cannot open multiple files
    title says it all
    Brandon McGowan about 8 years ago
  • very slow on RT, works great on desktop/8 pro
    Keeps going to standby during video playback, vey annoying.
    Brandon McGowan about 8 years ago
  • Looks great, nice layout, getting even better
    Looks great, nice layout, looking much nicer with the latest date. Why in the world are the wrong feed provider names show up on my feeds. Like, why are "The Verge" articles appearing in the "Winrumors" feed?
    Brandon McGowan over 7 years ago
  • Cute but it doesn't make sense...
    Doesn't make much sense if the conveyor belt isn't moving.
    Brandon McGowan over 8 years ago